Client: Financial institution
Sector: Financial, Technology
My role: Product Designer, UX/UI Designer
Project time: 3 months
Short introduction:
The Client is undertaking a digitalisation process transforming most of it's internal manual operations into online processes. I had as objective to design and prototype the onboarding of new users and to facilitate the existing users with learning materials in a non disruptive way.
Empower users to learn at their own pace: The Learning Center serves as a centralized repository of educational materials, including tutorials, documentation, video guides, FAQs, and best practices. By providing easy access to these resources, users can gain a deeper understanding of the platform's features and functionalities. It also allows users to learn at their own pace and convenience. 
The power of contextual help: Bringing the specific educational materials in context for each specific feature can further reduce the time and even unblock users in completing their tasks faster and seamless.
Enhancing user productivity and efficiency: The feature can seamlessly integrate with the onboarding process, providing new users with guided tutorials and resources to familiarize themselves with the platform quickly. This accelerates their learning curve, leading to faster adoption and increased productivity. They often encounter challenges while using a management platform and a Learning Center equipped with troubleshooting guides and frequently asked questions (FAQs) can empower users to resolve issues independently, reducing their dependence on customer support and improving overall user satisfaction. This can also educate users about the platform's best practices and optimization techniques. By understanding how to utilize the platform efficiently, users can streamline their workflows, maximize productivity, and achieve better results.
Disruption: Creating a non-disruptive experience for users who need to learn or better understand how the process should be done and to enable self-paced learning.
Effort and prioritisation: The Learning Center has few resources for implementation and an MVP solution will be delivered. 
Technical constraints: The platform is an internal management tool with increased security and linking or embedding videos would require extra effort and resources.
Wireframes and user flow


UI designs:​​​​​​​
User flow created to envision how the center will evolve to a more mature feature.

MVP / Phase 1 - User flow

The Learning Center landing page

The player modal with related and relevant educational material

Enhanced iteration / Phase 2 - User flow

Contextual relevant educational materials fig. 1

Contextual relevant educational materials fig. 2

Enhanced iteration / Phase 3 - User flow

Coachmarks fig. 3

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