Client: IQOS
Sector: Tobacco, Technology
My role: Product Designer, UX/UI Designer
Project time: 3 months
Short introduction
I was responsible for defining and designing the experience for this new and improved Membership platform, IQOS Club (Philip Morris tobacco company).

From my user research, I've identified distinct personas and mapped out their user journeys.
The old UI before the redesign.
I've outlined and suggested features aimed at improving navigation and enhancing platform comprehension. These additions aim to maintain a consistent status for members while providing a clear overview of the benefits available.
One of the challenges faced in this project was crafting a captivating user journey for each tier level while preserving the overall look, feel, and functionalities of the Club. The platform boasted three tiers of benefits: silver (the entry level), gold, and platinum (the ultimate experience).
Design iterations
The wireframing and the design was done in Adobe XD and Photoshop. It was created for mobile and desktop.
I've started the process with the user-first-experience in mind. So the platform would feel bespoke.
So on each tier level the users would have a club homepage, tailored for their needs - credit, experiences and many other functinalities to make them wanna engage.
To guide the users through the platform, I've created a system of notifications in their homepage, to highlight the tools that will help them acquire more points / tokens in order to advance to next tier or maintain their actual position.
Also giving a sens of control and status.
Final design
From left to right:
1. The silver tier page overview - would provide the basic interaction, and basic offers and products, with a clean UI.
2. The Gold tier page overview - would provide additional experiences and products to indulge the user.
3. The Platinum tier overview - would provide additional experience for those that are in this level of the club.
And, of course, being a tobacco company we had some restrictions and had to accommodate the non-users with info regarding the benefits of being a member.
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