Sector: Game design
My role: Creator, Designer
Project time: +1 year
Short introduction
Created a card game.
To wear all the 'hats' through the production cycle, allowing me to discover, iterate and shape the visual aesthetics of the game and the game-play experience.
Self-driving the development I've did research, run game tests and updated the visual approach of the game shaping the look, feel and experience on the go.
Embarking in a fresh new and exciting experience with a good amount of drive, while knowing bits and pieces and parts of the process proved to be a good starting point. Later on the I've discovered that not having a previous experience in designing a card game was one of the biggest challenges.
Eventually, after all the hard work, printing this game was a very fulfilling achievement for me.
My process
Was not by the book, not even close. It was a step by step approach.
An AGILE approach - interate, test, update, iterate, test, update, etc.

The design evolved with every interation.
The playing cards received an enhancement in visual design and information architecture. Putting an emphasys on the value of the card and on the type of card.
Changing some of the mechanics, a redesign was required as there was a need for new illustrations to support the new added cards.
The hero mechanic received an upgrade and a visual enhancement. The enhancement was required to further increase the players interaction.
Thank you for watching!
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