Client: Banking
Sector: Financial, Technology
My role: Product Designer, UX/UI Designer
Project time: Product Design - Hackathon
Short introduction:
The brief is to design a new feature for the Client's existing apps – Raiffeisen Banking app and Smart Market app – to empower the end user's experience and allow them to easily view and manage their carbon footprint through their spending. And also, to educate and inform them about a more sustainable way of investment or of spending their money.
The problem underlying problem is that there are users who don't know what their Carbon footprint spending is (calculated based on their spending on Fast fashion industry products, supply chain Fast Food companies and Green energy).
To inform and empower the end user to make sustainable decisions when it comes to spending money and the impact they have on the environment and climate change.
To create an enhanced version of the existing apps and visualise the big data behind the economic transactions and their impact on the environment.
The main challenge was to properly research the market and provide a well-rounded version of this green and sustainable feature, as the time was limited to 24 hours.
Another challenge was to adjust the design for an existing environment and branding. The green feature would have to be mapped across multiple touchpoints to maximise achieving the requirements for educating about the issue and empowering the user to make an informed decision.
Find below the user flow that touches upon: the 'Website' (used for general access, education and information purposes - with a CTA to 'download the app'), The 'Banking app' (used for informing the user about their transaction history on different categories, such as 'Food', 'Fashion', 'Pharma', 'Transportation' – this being rooted into the big data used to provide the Carbon footprint results), 'SmartMarket' (used to provide a market place for the user to either invest or re-balance their 'green score' with environmental friendly actions).

Figma prototype flow - Raiffeisen Banking app and Smart Market app

Other resources:
Based on the Brief and requirements, I've generated a user journey, a sketched wireframe, a sticker sheet for all the UI components used and the final designs of the apps screens.

Sketched wireframes

Extended wireframes - to better map the flow

Bank's website - education for green feature

Banking app screens - to display the transactions categories

Smart Market app - to display the Carbon footprint and the Green score

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