Client: WWF
Sector: ONG, Technology
My role: Art Direction, UX/UI designer
Project time: 3 months
Short introduction
Everybody knows about the deforestations that are taking place in Romania. But how do you convince people realize the magnitude of the phenomenon and to sign a petition for changing a very permissive law? You let images speak louder than words.
So we organized The NO-Forests Marathon, an eye-opening race through the former forests of Romania. The runner was Andrei Roșu, a well-known Romanian ultra-marathoner and influencer, who brought the harsh reality in front of all Romanians.
For 3 consecutive days, Andrei Roșu ran through the deforested areas and connected with the audience through a series of Facebook Lives that showed people the unfiltered and brutal reality. Along the way, Andrei shared a daily diary with the highlights of the running experience and more pictures of the sinister landscapes he ran through.
The campaing reached it's goal and the petition was signed, moreover the public attention reached a national threshhold.
Also the campaign was rewarded for it's innovative approach.
Silver @ Internetics 2021 - Digital Platforms: Social Media Special Mechanics
Silver @ Internetics 2021 - Digital Platforms: Social campaign, political awareness messages
1st place Webstock - Best use of Live Video
Shortlisted for Golden Drum - F. Sports, Pop Culture & Art, Influencers
The idea had further amplification through strava app, to allow the users or those who wanted to support the campaign run alongside our marathonist.
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