Client: Coaching // World of the feminine
Sector: Coaching, Technology
My role: Art Designer, UX/UI Designer
Project time: 6 months
The platform for online coaching programs.
Short introduction
The main challenge of this website was to present multiple programs, each with its own visual ID, and create an account where each customer could undertake the programs online.

I had to design the experience for an online platform that allows users to participate in online classes and learn through a digital medium the power of meditation.
The platform is a masterclass for relaxation, meditation and inner self reconnection.
The main challenge that I've encountered was to find a way to provide a holistic and un interruptable experience for the user when they are taking the class or exercising in their personal sanctuary.
Moreover, the masterclass platform would have to be promoted through a campaign website that would showcase all the courses and invite the users to take part. 
The campaign website was designed to create desirability and drive purchase.
I have wireframed, designed and prototyped in Adobe XD.
The website contains 3 different programs, a live page, a home page, and an about page.
The masterclass platform
After the purchase, the customers can access the products forever.
The platform hosting the programs is designed to make you feel like it's bespoke, the Myaccount page will provide you with tools to have a bespoke experience.
The user is able to view and manage their courses, buy new ones or revisit already purchased.
The courses structure gives the user a sense of progression and provides resources such as links, workbooks and videos all in one place.
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